Zero Cult – Shining EP (Synergetic Records)




Israeli producer Emil Ilyayev made himself a good name during the past decade presenting the one or the other outstanding work of mellow Chill Out music. His six albums released under the name Zero Cult so far can be found in the cases of quite all relevant Chillout, Ambient and Downtempo DJs of this planet. However, this new EP is kind of different. It’s not his typical super easy-going beat structures, but two “shiny” dance floor tracks full of good mood and positive feelings.


Both tracks on this EP clearly have the trademarks of Zero Cult: Intense harmonies, lively melody lines and a very positive, if not euphoric vibe. These ingredients meet an easy 4-4 groove. The kick drum beats in the upper 120 BPM range, minimal but efficient percussion creates a pleasant drive. Both Move Up and the title track Shining come with prominent melody lines which are put in a nutshell as the term “Radio Edit” implies. Great sound for sunny days and beaching – or great sound to create the acoustic mood of these situations at least!

Audio Demos