Yotopia – Master Key Remixes (Synergetic Records)




Within no time, Master Key became another hit in the history of Yotopia, as generally known a history not exactly short of Progressive dance floor anthems. Now this epic title was remixed by the long-running German duo Meller and Aioaska. Let’s have a listen if they managed to repeat the mighty bang of the original!


Meller are among the few Progressive Trance producers who fundamentally changed and evolved their style during the years. In an recent interview they described their latest style as “Goa of the new era”. In their remix of Master Key it sounds like this: A bubbling bass line, rousing offbeat chords and tight percussions create a very modern, shuffling groove. The melody of the original is sent through a cascade of echo and delay effects, giving it a woozy expression. The breaks of this remix draw from the power of minimalism. All together a very modern and deep take on Master Key!


Aioaska also presents a very modern remix, although it goes into different direction. A rolling 16th bass line, slightly higher tempo and huge echo chambers make this title a perfect night time Psy Prog banger. After the first break Aioaska switches to the popular 2/3 beat pattern and quotes the unmistakable melody and the vocal sample from the original. A big tune, straight to the floor, yet still tidy and far away from overloaded!

Audio Demos