Yotopia – Master Key (Plusquam Records)




One EP, one title, a triple dose of Progressive hit potential: Yotopia is back on with another release and, no big surprise here, the Israeli duo does still have the Master Key to the highest levels of production quality. And so do their colleagues Time In Motion and Rocky! Three cherries on the cake present a EP that has everything it takes to become a true classic.


The original version rolls in on a somersaulting bass line, there is obviously only one direction: Upwards! The fluent hook line and light pad sounds seem to evolve out of this pulsing energy rather than being added to it. Yotopia did not lose their touch, so it’s great to see another release from them in addition to their popular live show that remains a guarantee for cheerful party pleasure.


The Time In Motion remix of Master Key soars up probably even higher, keeping the warm, kind of tropical atmosphere of the original but adding a moment of twisted psychedelica. A big-room Progressive stomper for peak times, no matter if day or night, if open air or club environment!


All good things come in threes and so this EP is completed by another remix from grand master Rocky. In a very sleek, heavily filter-modulated, beat shuffled version of Master Key he delivers an impressing proof of how psychedelic and highly energetic Progressive Trance can be.

Audio Demos