Voltek7 – Nasty Technology (Planet BEN Records)




Voltek7 is the new project of two true veterans of Goa Trance. And that is clearly noticeable when listening to their sound. It is everything but eager to fit into a genre, not imitating, and it manages to quote various electronic music styles while at the same time keeping a powerful, driving Psytrance groove. Well, it is quite as nasty as technology can get!



Many people talk about the original spirit of Goa, one or two of them about it being lost. Those should probably listen to Voltek7. The actual spirit, the actual soul of their productions is pure fun addiction and for this very purpose a great open-mindedness. Nasty Technology is full on party music – but not exactly in the sense of the genre with the same name. Sometimes the galloping beats are reminiscent of vintage Goa Trance but 2 bars later they stumble right into the half-beat tension of a Bass music quote. Stirring everything up with an old-school rave sample, everything snaps back into a high-energy Trance vibe, full of soaring sound effects and sharp, metallic synthesizer riffs. Music that hurls your mind right into outer space, in daylight as well as during the darkest night, music full of colours – music full of unexpected turns and ever new surprises. Yes, it’s pretty much Goa Trance as modern as it can be!


Check out our interview with Voltek7 in which they tell about their influences, what music they like listening to at the moment and what’s next in the pipeline!

Audio Demos