VA – Summer Meets Autumn


Format: Digital | Release date: 01.02.2013


Audio Demos




01. Data Rebel – Summer Breeze
02. Steiss – Missing The Heat
03. Palma s Mob – Orange Textures
04. Uth – Oasis
05. Khetzal – Elfic Angel Lost In Time
06. SiebZehN – Green Triangles Red Squares
07. Miktek – Kepler-55b
08. Kassander – Snowed Eyes
09. Olexa – Purification
10. Sygnals – Anamnesia


“Summer Meets Autumn” is a journey throughout the seasons aboard time-ship music.
A voyage which will carry your spirit beyond the realms of this world in two glorious phases within one of the finest selection of musical masterpieces in today’s electronic downbeat & ambient world.
The first chapter takes you on a magical ride lead by a selection of the most beautiful daylight chillout, painting the summer spirit with all its lush green grass, sunny days, seaside moments and pure happiness, while slowly and graciously morphing into a more melancholic, groovy selection of the most expressively intense IDM and Psychill, announcing the arrival of autumn days, bringing forth gray clouds, rainy days, falling leafs and a gloomy ride through the end of our cycle.
Enjoy the trip!