V.A. – Plusquam Deluxe Vol. 7 (Plusquam Records)




Another chapter of Plusquam Record’s flagship compilation is launched, again it’s packed with promising and prestigious names from the edge between Progressive Trance and Techno. Lets give it a listen…


01. Format B – Dog Tag (Sebastien Leger Remix)

A shuffled groove monster, cascades of bleeps and blops all around the stereo panorama. Every break, every departure seems to be more ecstatic than the last one- you thought this is the peak? Nope, here comes another one!


02. Audionatica & Fictionizer – Space (Phunk Investigation Remix)

A standing bass line is the basis of this big-room party banger. Trippy sound effects and long, repetitive, slowly building rhythm contours send the listener straight to… exactly: Space!


03. Weekend Heroes – Slide (Robin Hirte Remix)

Another rolling and grinding peak-time banger from Mr. Robin Hirte – deep and dirty as it can be. Definitely made to be played at high volume!


04. Ozgur Can & Sia Yaraghi – Den Maler

An uplifting touch of Progressive House on this varied compilation. The tool-like arrangement makes this track a true delight for all DJs who like to play around with 3 decks!


05. Electric Rescue – Apaches Dance (Da Fresh Remix)

Yes, he stays true to his name: A fresh mixture of ultra-fat bass lines, sharp hi-hats, funny arcade sounds, and the mantra of an Indian tribal meeting.


06. Nemanja Kostic – They Are Coming (Jonny Calypso Remix)

Here comes the sweetness: Johnny Calypso delivers a cheerful House groove garnished with dreamy melodies and a clear touch of ecstasy.


07. Format B – Desire

Hamburg’s notorious go-getters show feelings… and how deep their musical skills are: No, ladies and gents, this is not another dance floor track but a completely beatless piece of of pure melodic harmony!


08. Audionatica – Control The Dancefloor (Marco Bailey & Tom Hades Remix)

A big-room Techno banger, leading straight into a druggy parallel dimension where sounds and rhythms are bended along the pulse of a massive bass – and so is the mind of the listener.


09. DJ Madskillz – Carnival Chaos (Ramon Tapia Remix)

Fidgety House Groove meets woozy sound effects and a seemingly endless series of departures… Welcome to the Carnival Chaos!


10. Robin Hirte – Back

Music as raw, hard and ecstatic as good sex should be – a stripped-down Techno track, still there is a one-of-a-kind moment of sensitivity and intelligence shining through.

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