VA – Luxury Chillout Vol. 1


Format: Digital Release date: 25.06.2010





01. Digital Alkemist – O Gosto Del Mel
02. Monosolar – Cirtas Palabras
03. Thomas Lemmer – The Beach
04. Centerpeace – In My Dreams
05. Mark Watson – Time Peace
06. Pearlcoder – Sex Lounge
07. Chamelodyon – Strawberry Rain
08. Zuell – Lessons Night
09. Ingo Herrmann – Fly Like An Eagle
10. Michael E – White Island


Enjoying Champagne on a yacht in the port of monaco or drink a cool pina colada at skybar Hong Kong.
Luxury Chillout is the perfect companion for special relaxing moments.
And if there is no special time just listen it and dream.