V.A. – Sweet As Sugar (Plusquam Chillout)




A 18-piece showcase of Plusquam Chillout`s very lively and multi-faceted output: Quality music between Chill Out and Ambient, music between dreamy depth and uplifting stimulation, music based on urban grooves and ancient rhythms, music…as Sweet As Sugar!


For all those who are yet not familiar with the sound of Plusquam Chillout, Sweet As Sugar is the perfect opportunity to get an impression of the label’s great artist pool and the amazing variation it provides. The compilation comes with 18 tracks, each one representing one consecutive chapter of a beautiful story about love and harmony. For instance, there is the easy-going groove and the lazy trumpet play of Fobee’s Thaliana. There is trog`low from Berlin, who presents a sweet amalgamation of Dope Beats and sophisticated Ambient melodies. There is heaps of Balearic easiness – often purely instrumental, but sometimes also combined with the beauty of human voices, like for instance the smoky female singing in Photoaxis’s Dejavu or the jazzy timbre of Isabel Morales Rey. Also, there are some danceable tracks: SAM drôle d’oiseau delivers chilled out House beats and intriguing electronic guitar play. Or Ben Beiny, who presents a wicked mixture of Drum’n’Bass and Breakbeat rhythms. Though the tracks on this compilation are not mixed, their sequence creates a wonderful seamless flow making Sweet As Sugar a delight for both DJs and home listeners.

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