V.A. – Summer meets Autum compiled by Anubis (Plusquam Chillout)




It’s kind of funny: Sentimentality and feelings of bliss and ecstasy might appear to be quite different emotions. However, when it comes to music they border on each other. Inspired by both the sweet happiness of summer days and the sentimentality of tautumn, DJ Anubis presents a wonderful collection of Chillout music.


Weightless melodies, hovering pad sounds, and resonating overtone frequencies are the golden thread that leads through this compilation. It is music full of emotion, full of love, and full of fantasies.  Music that clearly aims the mind of the listener – in this respect, the compilation could also be described as intelligent, in sharp contrast to cheesy sounds. Anubis managed to represent a great variety of music matching the work title Summer meets Autum. There is the super soft Summer Breeze by Data Rebel, there are the retrodelic synth lines of Khetzal, there is a mellow pad sound composition by Siebzehn, and lots of other sounds in between. A perfect Chillout collection for all psychedelic heads out there looking for a sophisticated soundtrack for having some quality time in inner space!

Audio Demos