V.A. – Rise Of The Butterflies compiled by DJane Miss Butterfly (Plusquam Records)




Exactly why is Miss Butterfly called Miss Butterfly? Maybe because looking at her sets free the butterflies in your stomach? Is it because of her light and easy charisma? Good explanations… but listening to her newest compilation gives rise to even another idea… Miss Butterfly has the fascinating ability to trigger what is commonly known as the Butterfly Effect: A small change at one place can result in large differences to a later state. In this case, her music triggers a complex series of events that eventually end up in pure bliss and a state of extreme well-being – be it on the dance floor or on the Chillout!


This effect is probably most strong in her own production together with Aioaska: A Sphere Of Love includes a subliminal frequency that makes you feel great, as Aioaska told us in a recent interview! This rolling Psy Prog track is also like a concept for the entire CD: Full of high-energy bass lines it delivers manifold dance floor boost from a variety of talented artists- but the trip never gets too weird, never too fast or overloaded with sound effects and melodies. Beside well-established artists there are some exciting new names, making this collection highly attractive for those always on the hunt for fresh and crunchy Progressive sound with a distinctly kicking and psychedelic finish.


The other CD of this compilation represents the chilled out side of Miss Butterfly and is a perfect match for the energetic party vibes. Ecstatic pad sound departures take turns with inspiring downbeat groovers,  also here there is always a proper pinch of classic psychedelics involved.


As a whole, this double CD is highly attractive for both home and party usage. DJs will find a series of glistening Psy Prog and Psy Chill gems, home listeners a seamless listening pleasure for various occasions.

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