V.A. – Plusquam Deluxe Vol. 6 (Plusquam Records)



On part 6 of the popular Deluxe compilation series, Plusquam’s Don Vitalo proves the label to be on the cutting edge of modern Progressive sound. The rather undefined label “Progressive” really is the most appropriate one, since this kind of music is indeed an entertaining fusion of a variety of different styles.


For instance there are the playful bleeps and blops of Sebastian Leger’s “Circle Of Hell” remix or Pierre Deutschmann’s groove understatement “Ain’t Theoratical” – both tracks clearly quoting Minimal. However, the woofing bass lines point another direction- the direction of maximum dance floor suitability! Da Fresh & Roy Rosenfeld spin off an uplifting Progressive House tune… which after some minutes turns into a “Unity” of Progressive Trance and Progressive House. Bass Kelph starts a “Riff Machine”, a wondrous apparatus capable of ripping holes in the time-space continuum… and in genre borders! Having a background in the Trance scene, Riktam & Bansi present the probably deepest and most melodic track on this compilation. Finally Lutzenkirchen, Spektre and Robin Hirte stand for some big room rave stuff. Not in the sense of oldschool rave- no, just in the sense of “music made to be played at high volume with few lights around”… In some respect these artists stand for the original hypnotic power of strong and raw Techno music. This Plusquam Deluxe compilation is completed by the melancholic Tech groover “Germany” from Worakls and the epic “Road To Love” by Aerofeel5.


Plusquam Deluxe 6 might not be the right pick for conservative nostalgia addicts who like their music just as they know it since ages… all others should definitely have a listen!


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