Utopian Hedonism – Karma EP (Plusquam Chillout)




This is not merely another Chillout EP. This is a lifestyle statement! It is all about Utopian Hedonism. Which means: Open your mind for the future, let your fantasy grow rampant, create your own utopia. As a guidline, chose your decisions based on the paradigm of hedonism – in the end it’s all about having a great time! Utopian Hedonism delivers the perfect soundtrack for this state of mind of the future: The Karma EP.


As its name implies, the title D-Day is actually build around a voice sample about the historic event with the same name. Picking up this somewhat serious matter, it starts with rather dramatic, cinematic sounds. Piano play and heavy, broken beats represent the backbone of the title form which epic melodies spread out into the acoustic space.


The title track Karma comes with the beautiful sound of an acoustic guitar that carries the atmosphere of this beautifully melancholic track. Around the middle of the title string players hit in, turning it into a soundtrack for an imaginary film.


One Step is much more dreamy – shiny and bright sound colours await the listener. This title comes with barely any percussion but an extra pinch of emotions – a very tender and cosy tune.


Complementing this atmosphere, Traffic Lights is fuelled by heavy percussions, rousing beats and intense piano chords. The lead synth has a nice vintage touch, creating a dramatic, energizing mood. A truly danceable Downbeat tune!

Audio Demos