Urantia – The Local Universe Of Nebadon


Format: Digital Release date: 30.09.2011





1. Urantia – bomb radiation
2. Urantia – la conecta
3. Urantia – one way ticket
4. Urantia – UvsN
5. Urantia – bicycle problems
6. Urantia – space treep
7. Urantia – star trek
8. Urantia – psychedelic revolution
9. Urantia – room 132

Urantia is the Mexican producer Victor Hugo Mata Recendez who delivers ‘The local universe of nebadon’ as the next full on killer Digital Album release on Spliff Music.
‘The local universe of nebadon’ boasts nine tracks that will ensure maximum exposure to your energies as it’s audio energy falls around you with it’s creation of driving throbbing bass lines, diving melodies and lifting leads take you into a full exploration of clever use of vox and samples through out each track….
Each track perfectly fitting into the next takes you into the full journey created by Tropical Energy, pushing the barriers and delivering full on psychedelia at its best!
It’s totally nuts, its totally fun and ready for the trance floor to explore….so go a head & join us on a trip to ‘The local universe of nebadon’ .



The Local Univere of Nebadon - Urantia