Twisted Reaction – Think About It


Format: CD | Release date: 02.12.2011
Format: Digital | Release date: 30.12.2011


Audio Demos




01. Hujaboy – Unreal (Twisted Reaction Remix)
02. Twisted Reaction – Seratonin
03. Twisted Reaction – This Way
04. Twisted Reaction – Download The World
05. Twisted Reaction – Think About It
06. Twisted Reaction – Another Pill
07. Twisted Reaction – Medusa
08. Twisted Reaction – Whisphering My Name
09. Abomination, Painkiller – Distorting Substance (Twisted Reaction Remix)
10. Twisted Reaction – Save My Soul


Planet BEN Records is proud to present the brand new power full-on trance CD “Think About It” by Israel producer “TWISTED REACTION”. Finally Twisted Reaction teamed up with us for this wonderful CD project and it is more then massive and diverse this time. This is his 3rd full length studio album and next to the known power of rocking and rolling basslines you will hear also stomping and pumpy prog-tracks with the sense of full-on. Enter this trip and liten to it ! You will alos find two extra-ordinary remixes to known names such as Hujaboy, Abomination and Painkiller. So “think about it”…



Think About It - Twisted Reaction