Try2Fly – Sands Of Time EP (Planet BEN Records)



In yer face, hippies! This is Psychedelic Trance music – strong, powerful and twisted as it can be: Try2Fly deliver a brand new EP featuring 2 high-octane dance floor bangers for all lovers if wild, rampant parties.


Vladimir Jankovski and Vangel Angov from Gevgelija, Macedonia, are a great example for the blooming Trance scene of South-East Europe. After producing solo for some time, they teamed up in 2007 – as turned out soon, this step created a highly explosive mixture! Oldschool on the one hand, but at the same time up-to-date, their sound represents the original vibe of the scene.


Time & Space gets down to the nitty-gritty right after you push the play button: A strong 16th bass line in upper, yet not hectic tempo clearly leads towards a nocturnal dance floor. The track comes with a lot of classic Psytrance elements like whipping drum rolls and chirping synthesizer arpeggios, building to ever new peaks. Of course also a vocal sample is not missing, telling about Space & Time! However, the production quality is not classic but rather classy!


Digging in the Sands Of Time, the duo discovers even more psychedelic gems of timeless beauty. Also this track seems to be made for the dark hours, probably best to be played in the light of a laser show. With a very subtle, intricate character this title is probably even more deep, drawing its mighty hypnotic power from spaced-out sound effects and melodies rather than percussive elements.