trog’low – Goodnight Eskimo (Bloodsugar Records)




Exciting activities on the field of Dope Beats: trog’low combines Hip Hop rhythms with extremely mellow Ambient and Chill Out sounds. The result is a superb easy listening experience that again and again dives down so deep that it could even be described as Psychedelic Instrumental Hip Hop.


Having a look at the titles and the track list of this EP gives the impression of a concept work. An impression that turns out to be completely true, Goodnight Eskimo is a profound tale set to music! There are the distorted, far-out melodies of the Prussian Interlude, broken beat structures slightly shining through. Or Between The Tides, a title driven by super-easy Hip Hop beats and characterized by the ultra-mellow sound of a jazzy saxophone. Will You Think Of Me comes with ecstatic Ambient sounds and is loaded with sparkling harmonies, and again the rhythm is created by the urban groove of broken Trip Hop beats. Whereas Eskimo is a completely beatless Ambient tune that has been constructed around the yearning sound of a guitar plonking away in a “lonely cowboy” manner. This vibe is taken up in Alaska, another highly emotional title based on of Dope Beats.


Summary: Berlin-based producer trog’low gives an exciting new spin to both the Ambient and the Beatmaker / Instrumental Hip Hop scene, definitely an artist to watch out for if you are into intelligent and emotional urban grooves!

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