Timelock – Prototype 0.1 (Re-Release)


Format: Digital Release date: 22.05.2009


Audio Demos




1. Timelock – Time Theory
2. Timelock – Rocketman
3. Timelock – Prototype 0.1
4. Oforia – Return Of The Machines (Timelock Remix)
5. Timelock – Activate Evolution
6. Timelock – Inner Bright
7. Timelock – Hybernation
8. Timelock – Punchline
9. Timelock – UnBalanced
10. Timelock – TNT

Felix has been producing music for over a decade. During this time, this unique artist has issued numerous releases, first under PPS Project, included on labels such as Mdma Records, Dust n Dust rec, Hadshot rec and later as Time Lock on ZMA rec, Neurobiotic rec, Starsound rec, Columbia music int and Phantasm rec.
Time Lock’s debut album ’10 Seconds Away’, was released in 2004 through the ZMA label and instantly generated a chain reaction from the international scene and media.
Once again containing 9 empowering high tech produced tracks. While each track is different in it’s direction, the raw power and Time Lock energy unites them. Prototype 0.1 contains thick melodic baselines, Full-On Psy Trance, with House and Electro influences, all wrapped in an energetic and unique Time Lock style. The album includes a new remix to the immortal Oforia hit ‘Return of the Machines’, with additional collaborations with Quantum and Basic.



Prototype 0.1 - Timelock