Timelock – 10 Seconds Away (Re-Release)


Format: Digital Release date: 01.05.2004


Audio Demos




1. Sun Control Species – Faith in Chaos (Timelock Remix)
2. Timelock – Cabin Print
3. Timelock – Electrolite
4. Timelock – Filt
5. Timelock – Hawaguchi Vibe
6. Timelock – I Am In
7. Timelock – Meteora
8. Timelock – Revolution
9. Timelock – Stockholm Syndrome
10. Timelock – Sweet Crimes

This is the debut album of the young talented guy Felix Nagorsky. Ten brand new killer tunes are selected on this cd to drive you crazy.
Covering all the forms of psy trance full on music, this cd guarantee a high acclaimed result for everyone.
Ten banging tunes to burn every dancefloor and make tones of dust on open air parties.This is for sure one of the releases that many many people have dream to have on their hands.
All tracks among 140 to 145 bpms do not leave any doubt that this is one hell release.



10 Seconds Away - Timelock