Tectum – White Box


Format: Digital Release date: 16.03.2012


Audio Demos




01. Tectum – Departure
02. Tectum – Metaphysic
03. Tectum – The Red Pill
04. Tectum – Telepath
05. Tectum – DMT
06. Tectum – NargG-iL
07. Tectum – Shamanic Healing (2012 Remake)
08. Tectum – Lost Memory


SYNERGETIC RECORDS is proud to present the debut album “White Box” by TECTUM.
After several releases on different labels, TECTUM entered Synergetic with his EP “Spiritual Reality” few weeks ago and a wonderful musical story began. Step by step TECTUM gets the attention for his talent and high quality productions.
With WHITE BOX he demonstrates 8 unreleased and exclusive tracks full of pumping progressive trance tracks with one exception: the last track is a mixture of nowadays progressive sound and house elements. Dont miss that extra-ordinary release !



White Box - Tectum