Talamanca – Club Noir (Plusquam Chillout)



You could easily spend one of those long, dark winter evenings (yes, there will be one or two of them during the next half year or so!) just browsing the web for all the different projects of Nils Huzen. You’ll be surprised about the productivity and versatility of this guy! Or, alternatively, you can just spend one of those long, dark winter evenings listening to his sunlit Lounge productions, drifting away into fantasies of sandy beaches, salty air and exotic cocktails… Welcome to the world of Talamanca!



The sound of this classy Lounge and Chill Out project is just as warm and tropical as the fantasies which will rise when speaking out the name: Talamanca… The rich pad sound orchestration of Club Noire inevitably creates a strong feeling of relaxation and sensitivity. Probably the perfect sound for making love and / or stay in bed a little longer… Despite its name, Good Night is everything but tranquillizing. This title clearly represents the great variety of different styles which Nils Huzen is into, including genres such as Deep House and Progressive. Following an easy Breakbeat pattern, the lively percussion inspires the listener to have a good night full of easiness and relaxation- together with friends, at the bar or even in the club!