T.O.M – Audible Voice EP (Synergetic Records)




There are deep melodies, there are spacey sound effects, and there are catchy vocal samples. Yet the general vibe on T.O.M’s productions stands out from what is usually considered to be the Progressive Trance genre. With an approach that can rightly be described as deep and dirty, he delivers three tracks that are “technoish” in a refreshingly different way.


First thing that is remarkable about the Audible Voice EP: It is pumping and driving – without using any offbeat bass lines! Big, shuffling sub frequency patterns are the fuel of these productions. There is actually even a lot of space in these lower sections, in contrast to the “pipeline pressure” to be heard so often. Space and openness is generally an important feature of T.O.M’s productions. The deep, sentimental melodies take their time to unfold to the fullest, and the arrangements keep building and building. Noise cascades and weird reverb settings create a powerful industrial vibe.


The three tracks to be found on the Audible Voice EP represent a beautiful variation inside this refreshingly different take on modern Progressive Trance. There is the acidic, soaring departure of The Positive Progression, there is the dark, stomping evolution of Been Around, and there are the experimental, shuffled rhythms and the rich melodies of Audible Voice. A great pick for all Progressive Trance DJs trying to break out from the usual genre paradigm from time to time!

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