System ID – Double Wobble (Synergetic Records)


 Pumping bass lines, spacious soundscapes filled with samples from alien worlds and funky Nu School quotes, a groove so catchy it might well get some fans even outside the Progressive Trance camp… System ID rolls it all into one and delivers something that has all the makings to be a hit EP.


The title track Double Wobble takes the original idea of Progressive Trance to an up-to-date level. This level becomes defined at the latest when the bass kicks in after a short, but very cinematic intro: Powerful, strong and straight-to-the-floor as it can be. While this trait might be a rather modern one, the open-minded and experimental character of the track stands for the classic idea of Progressive Trance. The Double Wobble, which lends to the track its name, appears after a few minutes. Rather than breaking up the smooth, rolling groove, this inspiring Nu School element merges into it in a very unobtrusive way.



Also Heal stands for a truly modern and progressive approach, namely a holistic one. System  ID manages to combine a very round and organic feeling, a very trancy moment of deepness with freaky urban clubbiness. What starts as a hypnotically rolling track soon explodes into an irresistible funkiness larded with hi-tech percussions and rhythms. The groove soars up to an almost hyperactive level of energy just to calm down again, returning to a trippy minimum of bass and spaced-out sound effects. Be it subtle vocal entries, be it trancy melodies- there is everything inside this track which again makes it extremely entertaining and unpredictable.