SynSUN – Volume One (Planet BEN Records)




SynSUN… what does this name stand for? Synthetic and sunny? Well, at least that would make perfect sense, as this EP is bursting with synthetic harmony and sunny, uplifting vibes! The Ukrainian producer takes his listeners on a trip both backwards, to the origins of Psytrance, and forward, straight towards the middle of the dance floor.



The Boomerang is thrown into a clear blue summer sky, at least this is the idea you might have when listening to the weightless, bright pad sounds in the beginning. This open air atmosphere also remains when scraps of sweet melodies fly by the listener’s head. The rich synthesizer arpeggios and emotional key shifts do have a touch of retro Goa Trance and so does the super-positive, euphoric atmosphere of Boomerang.


Engine Start has a somewhat harder edge and comes around more twisted, yet also this title has a very warm and friendly vibe. Tripping over one insane beat shift after the other, the engine keeps accelerating, changing its rhythm every now and then, until it eventually erupts into an intoxicating thunderstorm of resonating synthesizer leads and a proper dose of Acid. Again reminiscent of the “good old times”, the 90ies in India, Engine Start is a real treat for all lovers of classic, uplifting Psytrance music.

Audio Demos