SXtheMadArtist – Pale Hazy Daze (Synergetic Records)




Usually Synergetic Records is a reliable source for quality Psytrance and Psy Prog music. This release turns out to be from the Experimental Electronics / Break Beat genre – but still it has the synergetic essence: Fresh and uplifting, psychedelic and mind-bending without ever getting taxing for the listener.


The Bosom Alleviation starts like SXtheMadArtist was playing around with her studio equipment, experimenting with sounds and samples to an easy, unobtrusive beat. Little by little it becomes clear that this is not a game but a very sophisticated plot. Around the middle of the track all the elements line up and create a warm, uplifting groove with some nice psychoacoustics and a hypnotic melody but without getting too heady.


Endure Semblance is based on a Ambient-styled pad sound structure that keeps growing for some minutes before broken beats hit in, creating an atmosphere somewhere between a dance floor and a Chill Out space. Again the title successfully manages a balancing act between uplifting easiness and depth.


Undergo Animo takes up this very mood. A title not exactly made to be played on a conventional dance floor yet almost too lively, too energetic and too humorous for a sleepy Chill Out. Well, definitely a tune that will get some people on their feet…


Audio Demos