Sunstryk – Ascending Soul (Plusquam Records)




Listening to contemporary Progressive Trance it seems like there are two major directions at the moment: Some producers turn towards electronic dance music genres such as Progressive House, Electro House, Techno or Minimal, creating entertaining amalgamations of these styles. Others crank up the tempo and atmospheric density of their tracks, giving to their work a kind of hard, fast and rocking edge. In this situation Sunstryk goes separate ways, presenting deep yet friendly vibes in ultra-spacious soundscapes, firing at a laid-back yet stimulating tempo.


The result is a feeling of freedom and independence that clearly rubs off on the listener. The track Ascending Soul serves as a perfect example of this style. The bouncy bass line and minimal, tight percussions create a drive that is irresistible in a  most natural way. However, the light melody figures and bright sound effects of the title have their very own rhythm, a rhythm echoing into the endless space of vast acoustic rooms. Every single beat and every single note have their own little galaxy to develop to the fullest. In this way, a one-of-a-kind moment of deepness is created, a Progressive style not to be found too often today.


In his remix Ovnimoon works with a rolling, full-throttle bass line. This version has a denser atmosphere with a feeling definitely closer to Psytrance. Still it keeps the open, free melodic essence of the original, painting the sound colours of an Ascending Soul in front of a nocturnal sky full of glittering stars…

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