Sun Project – Metallic Taste


Format: Cd + Digital Release date: CD: 27.02.2012 | Digital: 02.03.2012


Audio Demos




01. Sun Project – Hickup
02. Sun Project – Metallic Taste
03. Sun Project – Brain Damage (2012 Remix)
04. Sun Project – No Pushing
05. Sun Project – Hey You (2012 Remix)
06. Sun Project – Higher
07. Sun Project – Super Jam
08. Sun Project – Into The Sun (2012 Remix)
09. Sun Project – Shmok


Planet BEN Records is more than proud to start-off 2012 and to present the latest and 9th full-length studio album ‘Metallic Taste’ by Sun Project.
The German PsyTrance veterans are back with more pressure, power and dynamic. These air-taking 9 unreleased tracks will create a shiver on the dancefloor by stomping feet and screaming audience.
The past events and gigs showed the enormous feedback and response so we are sure you will like this firework of heavy full-on psytrance tracks!
Full of strong basslines, strict lead sounds and a spicy influence of metal and rock elements make this release a mature and respectable work.



Metallic Taste - S.U.N. Project