Suduaya – Ultimate Sense (Synergetic Records)




Suduaya puts the listener in a state of suspense between gravity and weightlessness, between complete darkness and bright light, between intimate closeness and infinite distance. In doing so, the mind is cut loose from it’s everyday paradigms, it’s rules of predictability and routine – It is a truly mind-enhancing state… they call it: The Ultimate Sense.


The title track spells a mighty cast on the human’s mind by massaging the brain and all its convolutions with the fast vibrations of an organic bass line. The listener inevitably gets sucked into him- or herself, forgetting the reality around. From this state of hypnosis the track departs into the light, fluffy heights of joyful melodies and resonating harmony… The last steps on the path to the Ultimate Sense are guided by an meditative vocal sample.


The Final Arrival is actually just another aspect of that blissful state called the Ultimate Sense. Also this track can best be described as a balancing act between heavy-hitting beats and tight rhythms and uplifting sound sceneries. Altogether a little more minimal, putting a focus on intense harmonies and long build-ups this tune is made for a higher state of mind, it is boasting with purest ecstasy. A laid-back but very stimulating supply for lovers of both intelligent Progressive Trance and sophisticated Psytrance!

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