Stefan Torto – Argus EP (Plusquam Chillout)




With 2 albums in 2 consecutive years Stefan Torto became a synonym for intelligent Ambient and Downtempo music. His name only appears to be relatively new – as a matter of fact, Greek producer  Stefanos Tortopoglou has been on the scene for a very long time, and he’s a true jack of all trades when it comes to production. As part of the Zen Garden project he explores electro-acoustic music, Ambient, freestyle Electronica and genre-crossing frequencies in general. Still there is lots of creative energy left for his solo project, as turns out when listening to this brand new EP.


The Argus EP is an emotional balancing act between Chillout and dance music. On the one side of the spectrum there are the deep soundscapes of Stefan Torto, highly visual and made to stimulate the mind and the fantasy. They are accompanied by beats and rhythms from the Downtempo range. The result is a feeling that is highly danceable, though of course not in the pace of a dance floor orientated Psytrance or Progressive tune. Yet all the tracks draw a mighty hypnotic power from their calm- and easiness, taking the listener to an entirely different dimension of rhythmic trance that is as deep and psychedelic as it can be. Altogether a top pick for alternative floor DJs looking for some original Trance music that comes with the bonus of deep relaxation.

Audio Demos