Spectrum Vision – Instant Infinity EP (Plusquam Chillout)



It’s the details that add to a music production that certain ‘magic touch’, a feeling and groove which go far beyond what you can learn from books. As demonstrated on the Instant Infinity EP by Spectrum Vision, a Russian Psy Chill and Ambient duo from the region South of Moscow.


Looking into the engine room of their Atmosphere Ship, there are the two guys themselves fiddling around on groove boxes in a… well, in a pretty insane manner. The output is a shuffled, twisted beat structure that creates an easy but engaging drive. Additionally, the Atmosphere Ship is powered by sonic winds, blowing their tender breeze into its sails. Fishing in the surrounding ocean of sound, the crew brings on deck shimmering fragments of classic Psy Chill and glistening quotes from Lounge.


Base 076 goes with barely any beats. This track is build around the playful journey of a chord sound, diving deep down into the listener’s mind where it strikes sparks of surreal sensations. A perfect track for deep space explorations behind closed eyes!


Also Vacum could be labelled as ultra-deep Psy Chill. A standing sound wave resonates along the convolutions of the listener’s brain before easy beats hit in, starting a kaleidoscopic vision. During the second half, the Vacum starts moving upwards, straight into a tunnel of bright light…


Audio Demos