Spectro Senses – Future Nation (Planet BEN Records)




Fresh full-on party Psytrance from the scene hotspot Brazil: Leite da Silva Ronei is an hyperactive and very versatile producer, creating Trance, Psytrance and House music under various artist names. It seems like this EP from his Spectro Senses project is an amalgamation of all his musical interests and skills, a highly euphoric one!


The Cosmic Gate fires at quite a sporty BMP rate, only this is a very stimulating feature of the track. The boost of the lower frequencies are complemented by positive melodies and increasingly euphoric hook lines, dynamic breakdowns every now and then create even more energy. Speaking about breakdowns: The longest one towards the last third of this title turns the rhythm into a wobbling Dubstep groove! Altogether a bright and uplifting dance floor bomb that will most probably explode into blissful crowd euphoria!


Future Nation also comes in a step-up tempo, this time setting the rhythmic foundation for sharp, metallic synthesizer riffs that lend to the title a somewhat rocky edge. Gated melody parts and organic filter sweeps add a proper portion of trancey deepness while Spectro Senses chose to give this production a very tight, dry and modern finish in terms of the final mix. A second strike of dance floor ecstasy, this time exploring the harder, still joyful side of Full On Psytrance.

Audio Demos