Solar Axis – Forever Child (Planet BEN Records)



Strong, hard, and intoxicating: These are the main traits of Solar Axis. A local DJ bigwig of the flourishing South African Psytrance scene since the late 90s, he is getting increasingly popular on an international scale – thanks to his increasingly ass-kicking music productions. On this EP he takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster, shooting straight through a wild mixture of moods and styles. If unpredictability is a mayor ingredient of psychedelic music, this is psychedelic as it can be!


Cosmogenesis is clearly a peak-time dance floor banger, firing at a rather sporty tempo and loaded with sharp, acidic synthesizer arpeggios. The track shoots straight up to woozy heights, just to drop down into a completely different pace a few bars later. Full-power sounds take turns with dreamy melody sprinklers, minimal parts consisting only of beats and bass take turn with maxed-out noise excesses.


It is pretty much this roller coaster of emotions and moods which is the trademark of Solar Axis. Matching the track title, Forever Child has a playful melody… that is complemented by a rocky electric guitar. While keeping a very fluent and consequent flow, the track seems to change completely every 2 minutes or so. Offbeat bass lines, rolling 16th rhythms… its all in there!


Audio Demos