Sixsense – Race To The Top


Format: Digital | Release date: 21.12.2012


Audio Demos




01. Sixsense – Changing
02. Sixsense – Simply Love
03. Sixsense – Morgana
04. Sixsense – Race To The Top
05. Sixsense – Sinus & Cosinus
06. Sixsense – In A Virtual World
07. Sixsense – Circle Of Time
08. Sixsense – Electronic Sign
09. Sixsense – Complex Thoughts
10. Sixsense – Radioactive Impulse


PLANET BEN RECORDS is proud to present the CD Debut album by Israeli top-producer SIXSENSE !
His exclusive and previously unreleased album “Race To The Top” features 10 high-class full-on trance music killer tracks.

After nearly a decade in the business, SIXSENSE finally does the step with his first physical release and proofs his skills as perfectly-skilled musician. The tracks are clean and solid-rock produced with trancy melodies which are not cheesy as it is often experienced in this subgenre “full-on trance”.

The groundbreaking basslines and strong built-up of these titles make it a pure pleasure to enter SIXSENSE’s sonic world.
Start the race now !