Silvio Malla – Hyperdimension (Echoplast Digital)




Lovers of deep and trippy Minimal and Tech House sound should definitely listen up for this one: Silvio Malla stands for kicking grooves, minimized to a maximum of dance floor efficiency, leading the listener on an intoxicating trip through surreal acoustic landscapes.


Frequenzy Elements: DJs will love this track for its long, minimal beginning before the bass kicks in. A cinematic vocal sample and the slowly built up of trippy sound effects allows subtle mixes. When the bass finally hits in, it is massive, dark and standing. The track takes a very unexpected turn when a dramatic melody unfolds upon a sudden break, an opening filter creating lots and lots of drive for the departure, back into the tight and minimal groove.


Hyperdimension: This tool-like ┬átrack is build around a huge, heaving sound motive, creating a rolling, fluid drive. Sharp percussions and a somewhat hard vibe stand for a proper pinch of dance floor pressure – and so do the occasional breakdowns. Probably the perfect track for DJs mixing with more than 2 decks.

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