Sienis – Shift Happens EP (Planet BEN Records)




Peak time Full On sound, but neither from Israel nor from South Africa: Swedish producer Sienis delivers two melodic pieces of high energy party music for all those who love the fast, strong, yet warm and uplifting side of modern Psytrance.


Born in the Southern parts of Stockholm, Sweden, Eki Jokisalo started his musical career with instrumental Hip Hop. However, a trip to Goa in 2000 meant a fundamental paradigm shift – from now on, his musical passion belonged to the multicoloured world of Trance. Much to the fortune of the scene, as his playful and experimental approach towards Psytrance is the perfect soundtrack for dance floor rushes full of positive energy.


Sienis starts his titles with minimal intros and subtle build ups, as if inviting DJs to mix the tracks. The title Shift Happens peaks around the super easy sound of an acoustic guzitar, perfectly merging into the euphoric synthesizer leads and whipping percussions. Advanced Idiotproof offers a nice alternative: It is a little less fluffy and even a little nocturnal, yet it also has a very positive and uplifting vibe to it. Soaring, metallic synthesizer riffs and a funny vocal sample eventually transform into the floating pad sound structure of the break, just to condense into a forcing groove again.

Audio Demos