ShakerZ – Freedom (Plusquam Records)




The debut EP of a very promising new cooperation project: ShakerZ is Nir Sadon, already well known as one half of Psycraft, and Omri Amar, also known as Analyzer. Of course every new studio project means a new beginning, the Freedom to break new grounds in terms of sound… and exactly that is what the two of them are doing on this EP!


The title track Freedom kicks in with quite an intriguing mixture: On the one hand, it comes with a vibrating, kind of hard and very driving beat and a highly psychedelic, nocturnal touch. On the other hand there are modern elements, even reminiscent of Nu School Progressive Trance. In consequence, the listening experience draws both from the power of solid Psy Prog and the uplifting freshness of contemporary sounds.


XTC continues this approach. A very modern groove, created by shuffling, pitch-shifting bleeps and quite a catchy vocal sample. Although being very modern, it would be misleading to label this track as clubby – it surely has clubby elements, yet also an enormous psychedelic depth.


Last but not least there are the whirring sound effects and mad filter cascades of Application. Soaring acid leads, dramatic melody entries, insane departures… The tune has everything it takes to serve as a peak-time Psy Prog stomper.


Altogether ShakerZ drop an exciting debut release, definitely qualifying the duo as up and and coming for all lovers of deep, driving, and modern Psy Prog sound!

Audio Demos