Seven Sense – Digital Legend (Synergetic Records)




Pretty new on the scene, the Israeli duo Seven Sense presents streamlined Progressive Trance with a very psychedelic touch.


Maximum Range is a groaning offbeat stomper that ensnares the listener in a morphing net of organic synthesizer sounds. The title has a distinctly round feeling, beats and percussions are employed rather as a supplement than the main ingredient and the general rhythm is rather characterized by a rising and falling pulse than by single, pointed elements. This ever evolving, ever changing feeling invites the body of the listener to move in a fluent, meditative way.


The title track Digital Legend kicks in a little harder, a rolling 16th bass line sets the rhythmic base for a peak time tune. It has a very twisted feeling with heady synth leads and echoing sound effects while at the same time keeping a clean and tidy arrangement. A very successful amalgamation of Psytrance and Progressive Trance, probably best suited for the dark hours of a party or a sunrise scenario.


Also Crash The System is a very strong and psychedelic track, made to be played during the prime time. Again the psychedelic suspense evolves from a clean and tidy build-up that puts a focus on seeping sound effects and mind-tickling psychoacoustics. Seven Sense clearly pursue a classic take on Progressive Trance here, combining it with modern rhythm shifts and modern sound quality.

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