Sesto Sento – PLUR Remixes


Format: Digital Release date: 10.02.2012


Audio Demos




01. Sesto Sento – PLUR
02. Sesto Sento – PLUR (Bizzare Contact & Vibe Tribe Remix)
03. Sesto Sento – PLUR (Faders Remix)
04. Sesto Sento – PLUR (Wega Remix)
05. Sesto Sento – PLUR (Anaxadora vs Karin Remix)
06. Sesto Sento – PLUR (Counter Point Remix)


Planet BEN Records is proud to release the latest EP “P.L.U.R” by Israeli producers SESTO SENTO. THe EP features 6 massive exclusive full-on psytrance tracks which consists of 1 oriignal and 5 remixes by hit-artists like Bizzare Contact & Vibe Tribe, Faders, Wega, Anaxadora & Karin and Counter Point. Dont miss that crazy tune and grab your copy today !



P.L.U.R. (Remixes) - Sesto Sento