Sesto Sento – P.L.U.R.


Format: CD+Digital | Release date: March 2012


Audio Demos




01. Sesto Sento vs. Counterpoint – Bad Robot
02. Sesto Sento – Happy People Happy Music
03. Sesto Sento – P.L.U.R.
04. Sesto Sento – Music Make U Feel (Live Mix)
05. Sesto Sento – Louder (feat. Elad Lev)
06. Sesto Sento – Futuristic
07. Sesto Sento – Body & Light
08. Sesto Sento vs. Sub6 – Your A Freak
09. Sesto Sento vs. Apocalypse – Changing Gravity


PLANET BEN RECORDS is proud to present SESTO SENTO 5th full-length studio album „P.L.U.R.“ with 9 previous unreleased and exclusive tracks.

More then a decade since “Sesto Sento” got together for the first time to create their debut song “soap bubble”.
The boys have been touring for ever, hitting more then 30 countries around the world, playing in front of millions, on stages moving from 500 to 500,000 people and remixing superstar groups such as: Moby, The Police, Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim and more, while collaborating with all the psytrance headliners for their more underground stuff, and the list just keeps on going.

After 4 Studio Albums, Compilations, Remix Albums, Ep’s, Vinyls, and endless individual songs during the years the revolutionary trio teamed up once again for their 5th studio album “P.L.U.R” followed by “P.L.U.R” and “Louder” remix Ep’s including all of the 2011 leading psychedelic names such as: G.M.S., Vibe Tribe, Bizarre Contact, Faders, Switch, Apocalypse and many more.

The new album is the perfect combination between “Sesto Sento” classic style to their more futuristic one, moving from their new anthem songs “Louder” and “P.L.U.R” to their fresh dance floor monsters
“Happy People Happy Music” and “Bad Robot” which have already been successfully tested all over the world by the boys and by others.

So come together once again, lets join forces for a “Sesto Sento” inner lightening journey to the brighter side of the universe.



P.L.U.R. - Sesto Sento