Sesto Sento – P.L.U.R. (Planet BEN Records)



P.L.U.R. – usually these four letters stand for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. But in the case of the latest Sesto Sento album they could also represent the main features of this work: Pressure, Lightness, Upbeat, Rhythm.


P.L.U.R. stands for yet another direction the Israeli trio is taking. During the past 10 years their style has been under constant development, and this is the result of their extensive touring through more than 30 different countries where they inhaled purest dance floor euphoria. Yes, euphoria is a very important keyword for this album- it’s just bursting with good mood and happy sounds. Listening to P.L.U.R. makes you feel like Super Mario driving a bass line-fuelled go-cart through a gleaming world full of funny creatures, wondrous landscapes and adventures around every corner. It’s probably impossible to pack more dance floor ecstasy into a track than it can be found on this explosive album. Sesto Sento know their game: Driving rhythms, precise breaks, catchy vocals and quotes from Pop music… it’s all inside this well-blended mixture. Two cooperation tracks with Sub6 and Apocalypse are the cherries on this stimulating Trance cake and infuse a refreshing dose of variation.