-SD- – Dreaming (Groove Control Records)




If you like the modern, streamlined, hi-tech approach on Progressive Trance, if your are fond of rousing offbeat bass lines and the rhythmic usage of vocal snippets, than –SD- is just the right guy for you! On this EP the Mexican producer delivers a mighty triple offbeat strike plus a playfully rolling track.


It’s really hard to keep your head calm when listening to –SD-. It just seems as if his offbeat rhythms have a physical effect on the body, making your head nod and your feet stomp as if you were driven by a loony ghost. Definitely some banging dance floor potential here! The instrumentation of the titles is very nu-schoolish: Simple, but the more efficient melodies, steadily morphing, filtering, and evolving. Lots and lots of bleeps and blips flying around the entire stereo panorama. And last but not least the vocal samples. Not exactly singling, but rather chopped up and neatly arranged as a part of the futuristic sound effects. The rolling, galloping groove of Moon Station comes with… guess what! A highly atmospheric space sample, of course. –SD- keeps his mix very dry and to the point, giving to all the titles an extra pinch of Progressive dance floor bounce.

Audio Demos