S.U.N. Project – Metallic Taste (Planet B.E.N. Records)



Staying on the Psytrance scene for 16 years and keeping up an international reputation as a popular top-act is one story. Releasing 11 full-length albums during this period of time without just doing the same thing over and over again is another story. On Metallic Taste, the S.U.N. Project succeeds in both disciplines. Hard and driving but at the same time light and uplifting, the sound of the legendary Trance Rock Combo takes yet another exciting turn.


Hickup, the first track on this 11th album, makes a clear statement: It’s strong and kicking, yet everything but aggressive. Having very warm and friendly tone colours and uplifting percussive elements the track could probably best be described as a rocking morning or even daylight anthem. It’s even rocking without the signature instrument of the S.U.N. Project, the electric guitar! As a matter of fact, only about half the tracks on Metallic Taste employ the characteristic guitar sound, the probably most head-banging tune being Hey You with its audacious singing. However, it’s always the balance between hard and soft, between dark and bright that makes Metallic Taste so special. Higher comes with guitars, but the funky version of them… a track made to be played at high volume under a clear blue sky during the high-energy hours of the day. Whereas Brain Damage takes its hypnotic, nocturnal vibe not from guitars but from a funky female vocal sample that merges into the groove just like an instrument.


Altogether it’s really hard to pigeon-hole the sound of Metallic Taste. Night time sounds take turns with daylight stompers and again and again these seemingly inconsistent atmospheres morph into one another!