Rush Hour – Are We There EP (Midijum Records)




The Mexican duo Rush Hour truly lives up to its name, as this brand new EP will surely generate busy traffic on any dance floor! A wonderfully light and uplifting take on modern Progressive Trance.


Listening to the bass frequencies of the Are We There EP, it could also be a Rush Hour in Hamburg city: Offbeat it is, as fat, bouncy and kicking as it can be. A proved and tested recipe, once again prepared in a skilful and highly delicious manner. Rush Hour pursue a both very classic and very modern approach on Progressive Trance. It is classic because it takes its irresistible power from single sounds, single audio tracks and a mind-bending clearness. However, the actual sounds are very modern. Tuned Reference comes with playful bleeps and plops, somehow reminiscent of a computer game. There are the side-chain compressed melodies of There is NO, creating a perfidious harmonic pressure. What Rush Hour describes as a Normal Procedure is a stylish Nu School groove, full of depth and with a very urban edge. And last but not least there is the tumultuous title track, Are We There, that comes with witful rhythms and sleek string entries.

Audio Demos