Rocky – Jungle Way (Plusquam Records)



The first thing that the adventurer hears when heading towards the Jungle Way is the sound of tribal drums. Some ancient ritual is waiting for him, yet another adventure… proceeding along the path he can also hear the croak of the infamous hypno toads, waiting for progressive travellers like the sirens did for Odysseus. Once again it’s Rocky’s light-hearted, always cheerful mood shining through the tracks of the arrangement. The atmosphere is characterized by ethereal synth chords, a uplifting Progressive House groove leads into the break which again turns the track into a catchy 2/3 rhythm… The Jungle Way remains warm and tropical until the adventurer eventually finds himself not in the middle of a tribal gathering… but on a frisky open air dance floor!


The digital B-side of this EP, a cooperation with Intelabeam is based on a rolling, energetic bass line, clearly aiming towards the middle of the dance floor. In contrast to this solid beats the instrumentation of I Am A Tool is very light and melodic, creating a sunny vibe especially during the break. Although a voice sample speaks about being a tool, the sophisticated built-up of this track is not exactly a DJ tool but comes with a considerable hit potential. A great cooperation track that clearly has the trademarks of both Rocky and Intelabeam, merging their great Progressive Trance talent into one.