Robin Hirte – Front & Back (Echoplast Digital)




Listening to this new EP by Robin Hirte somehow reminds long-year chef veterans who discover the pure pleasure of plain spaghetti with garlic only after wading through an ocean of oysters, truffles and foie gras for years. Why? Well, both tracks are stripped-down Techno bangers, but still there is a one-of-a-kind moment of sensitivity and intelligence between the grooves. Music to be played at high volume on a big sound system with only few lights around. Music as raw, hard and ecstatic as good sex should be- Front & Back


This kind of sound stands for the recent development of a remarkable versatile producer. Robin Hirte delivered trippy Minimal, catchy House tunes, driving Tech House numbers… and heady Techno bangers, as to be heard on this release. No matter which genre, what comes from the studio of the South German producer clearly bears the hallmarks of somebody who has been enthusiastic about a multitude of styles.



As matter of fact, Robin Hirte was first hooked by the Disco sound of the 70s when he was still a kid. All the Rap and Breakdance movement of the 80s were another rich source of inspiration, and Depeche Mode or Kraftwerk eventually raised his interest for electronic music. “When the ‘Jacks’ from Chicago presented their first House numbers in the mid-80s I was totally stoked”, the producer recalls. Accordingly he has been part of the Electronic Dance Music movement since the very beginning. And this again is clearly noticeable when listening to his ever changing sound… The Front & Back EP is an impressing proof: Few if any producers manage to include such an amount of feeling and vibe between the grooves of a  stripped-down, tool-like record!