Robin Hirte – Angel or Demon (Plusquam Records)



Robin Hirte caught two mighty Techno spirits, each of them with immense powers: The Angel and the Demon.


The Angel delivers us a dance floor delight that is not exactly as pure and innocent as a Christian priest would expect: As a matter of fact it’s quite a sinful cracker – hard, dark and deep as it can be. This track seems to apply a pressure on the listeners brain that releases joyful and weird neurotransmitters… a dissociative tune that comes with a heavenly nastiness!


The Demon brings fierce supplies from below, a sea of dark bass surging around his surreal silhouette. He conjures up a mighty hypnosis spell, transforming his listeners into jerking puppets… A mighty dance floor weapon and a hymn for all worshippers of big sound systems out there!


Audio Demos