Rob Vector – Natural Data (Plusquam Chillout)




“My music is a futuristic amalgamation of all music which has come before. I like to be eclectic and quirky while keeping a fun beat and promoting unity” Rob Vector, Boston-based producer explains. Let’s have a listen exactly how he puts to practice this principle on the Natural Data EP!


Ace Of Coins: The title takes off straight away with a sweet pad sound, a resonating bass line and a heavy kick drum, beating a laid-back Downtempo rhythm. Unobtrusive, ethnic vocals merge into the simple melody. After a minute or so shuffled percussions hit in, making the track almost danceable. More vocals create a far-eastern, meditative atmosphere. Rob Vector keeps this track simple on the one hand and very lively on the other, sounds and rhythmic elements changing almost every fourth beat.


Sionna’s Well: The murmur of water and the chirp of crickets lead into this track and remain in the background as literally “Ambient” sounds. This tune is light and easy, no perfidious psychoacoustics here but rather the warmth of a pad sound and a bright synthesizer motive.

Audio Demos