Revolt – Autumn Leaves


Format: Digital | Release date: 25.11.2011

CAT: PD252




01. Revolt – Talk To Me
02. Revolt – Cruisecontrol

After a ten year sabbatical the legendary Dutch producer REVOLT (Bedrock, Choo Choo, Addicitive , Global Underground) now returns for a new run. Updated, matured, refurbished, face-lifted and spiffed up. And nasty as hell.
So you can call it a comeback. And if you like your dance music more like the stuff that’s been played (safe) by middle of the road DJ’s, you can call it a stayback.
Listen to what happens when a dance-producer has the knowledge & the musicality to boot and he gives it a rest for a while.
Upon his wake-upcall he comes up with this.
Fresh, full of sexy, time-released energy and wicked, timeless beats, that sounds like dance music has been reinvented. If only more of his producing peers had the guts to ‘meditate’ for a while.

TALK TO ME is a dark vocoder driven peak time monster while CRUISECONTROL shows the more laid back and groovy side of REVOLT.



Autumn Leaves - Single - Revolt