Quantum – Heavy Duty EP (Planet BEN Records)




Full On party music does not necessarily have to be packed with effects, drum rolls before each break or even kitschy themes! The triple proof is deliver by Quantum: A literally Heavy Duty EP that will work every Psytrance floor, a mind bending energy vortex  but at the same time a very open, spacey and intelligent production.


The title TV Ambition is driven by a energetic 16th bass line that represents the back bone of this title. Quantum uses this ongoing rhythmic flow for minimal, deeply psychedelic sound experiments. High hats, lead synth, samples – everything is employed in a very considered way, never piling up to a huge mash-up, but rather playing the potential of every single sound.


The title track Heavy Duty continues this approach, yet it’s different. Faster, with an even more straight forward bass line and tight percussions exploding from the speakers it is clearly produced as a solid peak time tune. A subliminal melody line and psych-a-licious sound effects work great, but the actual bang is created by the rocky, acoustic drum kit employed during the breaks.


Last but not least there is It’s Time, in terms of atmosphere a synopsis of the two tracks described before. Fast and rolling, but with a very open and wide soundscape. Switching to offbeat rhythm every now and then, and larded with the catchy It’s Time vocal sample, this title surely is another peak time banger!

Audio Demos