Q.U.A.K.E – The Dark Side (Plusquam Records)




Let’s take a ride… to the Dark Side! We are invited by Q.U.A.K.E, an act that seems to be a newcomer only as long as you see the name. Having a listen at this EP, it becomes clear quite immediately: These guys have skills that go far beyond the experience level of newbies. As turns out, Q.U.A.K.E is the mutual project of Israeli Netanel Asraf, releasing music under the names System Failure and Faders durning the past years, and Brazilian Diogo Andrade, better known as DJ Automack.


Surprise: The Darkside is not that dark at all. Nope, as a matter of fact there is a lot of light between the frequencies, a light so bright that it has the energizing effect of a warm summer day. Build around a sleek, nu-schoolish offbeat groove there are clouds of bleeps and blopps, and also a catchy vocal sample. Even when Q.U.A.K.E encounter the Coke Bitches shortly thereafter, the trip does not get dark at all, but it remains at a friendly, melodic and very uplifting level. Progressive Trance that works probably best during daylight hours! Next up is a match against Queen & Heart that not only results in some nice variation but also a floor- and heart-quaking listening experience. Q.U.A.K.E’s friendly vibe gets mixed up with a dirty, throbbing offbeat bass line. Last but not least the fun-loving duo steps on the gas to prove once again they are 100% Music Addicted: An intoxicating 16th groove full of woozy breaks.

Audio Demos