PsiloCybian – Pain Blockers (Planet BEN Records)




PsiloCybian: OpiatePain Killers… we are obviously dealing with some heady tunes here! They come from Croatia, one of the current scene hot spots and will delight all lovers of minimalist, deep, and woozy Psytrance.


Just as their names imply, both tracks on this EP have a very psychotropic, mind-bending character. Opiate and Pain Killers turn out to be soaring Psytrance bangers taking their hypnotic energy from both hard, metallic synthesizer riffs, resonating acid lines and the organic, weightless elegance of outer-space melody parts. The trip is definitely demanding: Restless dancing and surreal cognitive effects are highly probable when listening to the reduced-to-the-max Psytrance sound of PsiloCybian.


“The art of sound programming has never been so attractive and fun… so close, so there… but yet… so far away. Something unknown and the mysteries of the unseen can be described with sounds, atmospheres and rhythms” the Croatian producer explains his view on today’s possibilities of music production. On his homepage he presents useful little video tutorials, sharing his refined knowledge with the Psytrance community.

Audio Demos